“There is no man who cannot eat or drink, but just a few of them can appreciate the flavour"

The Grones restaurant – Half board in the Dolomites

A holiday rich in tasty local recipes and farmhouse products

Start your day with a rich breakfast buffet, abundant in cakes and home-made produce that represents a true taste temptation being made with freshly picked fruit together with a variety of products we are really proud of as they are naturally grown by us upon our farm.
Half board guests are served a great-tasting 4-course-dinner together with a vast choice of salads. Our meals are masterfully prepared by our chef Rainer who likes blending refinement with the integrity of our farm-grown products. Guests also have the option for full board if desired.

Our infant guests may have their baby food prepared by our chef or by their parents themselves if the kitchen is available; we are happy to make the necessary arrangements.