Sustainable Farm Holiday
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Child-friendly farm holidays in San Vigilio

At the Grones farm authenticity meets sustainability: resource-saving holidays in South Tyrol.

Experience our animals up close: milking the cows every day or feeding our calves, pigs, chickens, cats or rabbits and looking over the farmer's wife's shoulder as she processes the milk into butter and cheese. She will be happy to tell you about how it used to be and what customs and traditions were observed. Depending on the season, you can help with the haymaking and then enjoy the wonderful smell in the barn or explore what is growing around the house (raspberries, herbs, mushrooms etc.). The farm dog, Sissy, is always happy to be stroked and given a treat. She will also gladly take you on a tour of discovery in the surrounding woods, which she knows like the back of her paw, and bring you safely back home again.

The Dolomites are perfect for a family holiday in the great outdoors. Make yourself comfortable with us and enjoy! South Tyrolean hospitality and cordiality are particularly important here. We offer you and your family an unforgettable stay.


Our farm places great value on an environmentally friendly and resource-saving lifestyle. We are self-sufficient not only in terms of food, but in terms of energy, too. Our environment supplies us with electricity, water and heat! Our green electricity comes from our own hydroelectric power plant, our fresh drinking water from the house spring and our heat from renewable wood chips from our forest.
In order to take another step towards sustainability in the area of transport, we are planning our own e-charging station for your cars in the near future.

Farm produce

Our farm has been working in harmony with nature for generations, processing and using what it gives us. The hens and cows provide us with fresh eggs and milk every day for your breakfast table. We also process our milk into organic butter and cheese. The fact that our animals only get the best feed and enjoy a high quality of life on the farm is reflected in the meat we produce. Without long transport routes or stress, the animals are slaughtered on the farm in compliance with all regulations. But not only do our animals provide us with first-class quality food, we also gratefully accept what Mother Nature gives us and cook all the herbs, mushrooms and fruits into delicious, healthy dishes.
Get to know the products we offer and enjoy the farm's organic quality produce.